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Welcome to Barbless-Flies.co.uk, supplying barbless flies for the Catch & Release angler.
Here at barbless-flies.co.uk we supply selections of barbless flies to the river & stillwater fly fisherman. We specialise in supplying fishing flies in size 14 and smaller. As you will see from the products on our website, we supply boxed selections of flies (be it either nymphs, dries or a mixture of both). All of the flies we supply we have successfully fished with ourselves and have found them to be long lasting and excellent imitations. All of the flies featured on this website are hand tied using quality materials using barbless hooks. All of our products are shipped FREE of CHARGE, to ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

We have lots of information contained within our website (and are continually adding more), have a search around the site for some good instructional guides. Please take a look through our current products, if you have any questions on current products or flies you wish us to tie, please contact us through the Contact link.

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